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Research Port: Linking Guide

Linking to Categories, Subcategories, and Quick Search Boxes

Copy and paste link for the category:subcategory you would like to link to. Some All subcategories may be problematic. Please check back for new links. University of Maryland, Collge Park


African American Studies: All
Agriculture: All
American Studies: All
Animal Science: All
Animal Science: Veterinary Medicine
Animal Science: Zoology
Anthropology: All
Aquaculture: All
Archaeology: All
Architecture: All
Architecture: Core
Architecture: Related
Art & Art History: All
Art & Art History: Core
Art & Art History: Related
Asian Studies: General
Asian Studies: Chinese Studies
Asian Studies: Japanese Studies
Asian Studies:All
Astronomy: All
Biochemistry: All
Biographies: All
Biology: All
Book Reviews: All
Business: Guides VBIC
Business: All
Business: Accounting
Business: Company Analysis
Business: Consumer Analysis
Business: Finance Investing
Business: Human Resource Management
Business: Industry Analysis
Business: Information Technology
Business: International Business
Business: Marketing
Catalogs, Library: All
Cell Biology: All
Cell Biology: Bioengineering
Cell Biology: Immunology
Cell Biology: Microbiology
Cell Biology: Molecular Genetics
Chemistry: All
Classics: All
Communication: All
Computer Science: All
Conference Proceedings: All
Criminology & Criminal Justice: Core
Criminology & Criminal Justice: All
Criminology & Criminal Justice: Related
Dance: All
Dance: Dance Education
Dissertations: All
Economics: All
Education: All
Education: Core
Education: Related
Engineering and Technology: All
Engineering & Technology: Aerospace
Engineering & Technology: Bioengineering
Engineering & Technology: Chemical
Engineering & Technology: Civil
Engineering & Technology: Electrical & Computer
Engineering & Technology: Environmental
Engineering & Technology: Fire Protection
Engineering & Technology: Materials Science
Engineering & Technology: Mechanical
Environmental Studies: All
Family Studies: All
Family Studies: Core
Film Studies: All
General/Multidisciplinary: All
Geography: All
Geology: All
Geology: Geology
Geology: Economic Geology
Geology: Engineering Geology
Geology: Mineralogy
Geology: Oceanography
Geology: Paleontology
Geology: Physical Geography
Geology: Water Respurces & Hydrology
Germanic Studies: All
Government Documents: All
Government Documents: Finding Aids
Government Documents: Justice/Crime
Government Documents: Legislation/Regulations
Government Documents: Presidency
Government Documents: Statistics
Government Documents: Subject Specific
Health & Medicine: All
Hearing & Speech Sciences: All
History & Philosophy of Science & Technology: All
Historic Preservation: All
Historic Preservation: Core
Historic Preservation: Related
History: All
History: U.S. & Canada
History: Africa, Israel, Middle East
History: Asia
History: Europe
History: Latin America
Jewish Studies: All
Jewish Studies: Databases
Jewish Studies: Primary Materials
Jewish Studies: Guides
Jewish Studies: Transliteration Tables
Journalism: All
Kinesiology/Sports: All
Latin American/Latino Studies: All
Latin American/Latino Studies: Latin American
Latin American/Latino Studies: Latino Studies
Law: All
Law: Core
Law: U.S. Federal Law and Legislation
Law: Maryland Law
Law: International Law
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender: All
Lesbian, Gay, Bixsexual, Transgender: Core
Library and Information Science: All
Library & Information Studies: Core
Library & Information Studies: Reference
Library & Information Studies: Information Science
Linguistics: All
Literature: All
Literature: English-Literary Criticism
Literture: English-Literary Works
Literature: French
Literature: Germanic
Literature: Italian
Literature: Spanish/Portuguese
Mathematics & Statistics: All
Medicine & Health: All
Meteorology: All
Music: All
Music: Music Education
News Sources/Current Events: All
News Sources/Current Events: Multiple News Sources
News Sources/Current Events: Individual Newspapers
Nutrition & Food Science: All
Philosophy: All
Physics: All
Politics and Public Policy: All
Politics & Public Policy: Core
Politics & Public Policy: American Politics
Politics & Public Policy: International Relations
Politics & Public Policy: Political Economy
Politics & Public Policy: Public Administration
Politics & Public Policy: Theory/Political Philosophy
Politics & Public Policy: Primary Sources
Psychology: All
Psychology: Core
Public Health: All
Reference: All
Religion: All
Religion: Databases
Religion: Primary Materials
Science: All
Slavic and East European Studies: All
Social Sciences: All
Sociology: All
Sociology: Core
Sociology: Related
Statistic: All
Theatre: All
Theatre: Theatre Research
Theatre: Play Reviews
Theatre: Play Texts
Theatre: Theatre Education
Toxicology: All
Urban Studies: All
Women's Studies: All
Women's Studies: Core
Women's Studies: Supplemental

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Creating Quick Search Boxes on your Web Page:

Quick Search
for books and articles*
* use the Catalog or Research Port for detailed searching.

To replicate the search box above copy the following code into your web page:

<form method="get" name="form1" action="">
<strong>Quick Search</strong><br>
for books and articles* <br>
<input type="hidden" name="func" value="quick-1-check1">
<input type="hidden" name="mode" value="simple">
<input type="hidden" name="group_number" value="000022871">
<input TYPE='text' NAME='find_request_1' maxlength=100 value="">  <a href="javascript:document.form1.submit();"><img SRC="" border="0" alt="go" title="GO"></a>
* use the Catalog or Research Port for detailed searching. </form>

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